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Light Fixture on Broom. Pine Cone in Repose. Like Flies to Bud Light Lime. In Askance at the Drafting Chair. In 1913, Marcel Duchamp mounted a bicycle wheel to a wooden stool, the first in a series of found-object sculptures known as readymades. His ultimate goal was to question the reality and sanctity of art. One hundred years later, Bruce High Quality Foundation show you How To Make a Readymade. Because readymades are everywhere. You just need to Vine it.
Hosted by Ann Hirsch and Genevieve Belleveau. Directed by Emerson Rosenthal. Camera Operator: Manoil Tzonev. Edited by Ron A. Eames. Produced by Ari Richter and Emerson Rosenthal. BHQFU is a project of The Bruce High Quality Foundation.


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