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Silkscreening at home starts with a good image. Then a trip to the hardware store or your friendly local arts supplier. Your bathroom is a photo lab and the toilet is an easel. Draw the emulsion down with a squeegee and save the extra for next time. If this is your first time, there will be a next time. It's a process. Under the bright lights for your viewing pleasure, the Bruce High Quality Foundation show you How to Silkscreen In Your Bathroom, filmed on location at BHQFU. Follow directions and do it with a friend—because even Warhol needed Gerard Malanga.
Featuring Louis & Jack Shannon. Director: Torie Zalben. Editor: Joslyn Crocco. Foley Effects/Catering: Joe Kay. Additional Production Support: Nick Burgess, Chris MacKenzie, Alon Honig. Producer: Haley Mellin, Ari Richter. BHQFU is a project of The Bruce High Quality Foundation. More at


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