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Tape up a plywood frame box with a top made of pegboard. Make sure there's a hole big enough to slip a vacuum nozzle in there. Seal every edge. Monoprint with tubes of paint. And set up an arrangement of fruit that would make the Dutch masters proud. From BHQFU, their free, unaccredited art school located above a karate studio in Manhattan, the Bruce High Quality Foundation show you How to Vacuum Form in Your Kitchen. Useful for masks, sculptures, or paintings that obliterate the picture plane.
Featuring Louis & Jack Shannon, Edward Stanton, Haley Mellin. Director: Emerson Rosenthal. Director of Photography: Manoil Tzonev. Editor: Joslyn Crocco. Producers: Haley Mellin, Ari Richter. Song: "Butt Scooting Boogie" by Woofin' Ruff Barkson & the Butt Sniffers. BHQFU is a project of The Bruce High Quality Foundation. More at


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