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Innovation: Adding art to the STEM subjects (STEAM)

Looking for a way to add the arts to the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum? These videos highlight artists whose work connects art and design to STEM, turning STEM into STEAM.

Points of View

Can individuals have experiences that are exactly the same? This group of videos features art that challenges one point of view.


Use this collection of videos to explore art and the scientific method while learning about the properties of wood, soil, liquid, and light.


Where do artists get their inspiration? This collection of videos illustrates SOME starting points for artistic ideas and various places where inspiration can be found.

Art from Nature

Can artwork that is inspired by nature lead to a deeper understanding of the natural world? This selected set of videos illustrates how artists study and use natural elements in their work.


How do our relationships affect our interactions with the world? This set of videos features artists who explore our capacity for relationships.

Reusing Materials

What does it mean to be a responsible producer and consumer? This group of videos features artists who explore our environmental impact, including the use (or re-use) of material in their own work.

Role of Religion in Developing Society

This collection of videos considers the religious practices, texts, and cultural achievements that have shaped several cultures over time.