Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard

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The invention in 1888 of the first manageable, easy-to-use camera for amateurs made spontaneous photography possible: the snapshot was born. What role did photography play in the lives of artists of the period and how did it influence their work? The exhibition Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard sheds a light on this creative process, presenting 200 photographs and 60 paintings, prints and drawings from seven artists.

June 8 – September 2, 2012
Allen Whitehill Clowes Special Exhibition Gallery

The exhibition is co-organized by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, and the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. It was realized with curatorial collaboration and exceptional loans from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Support provided by the Florence Gould Foundation and the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

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