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Art21 first featured artist Jenny Holzer in 2007
Watch the original & uncut 13 minute film online! (via Hulu)

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Own Season 4 Today: DVD or iTunes
Jenny Holzer is featured in the Art21 episode "Protest" along with fellow artists Alfredo Jaar, An-My Lê, and Nancy Spero. The Season 4 DVD features 4 episodes, 16 artists, and is available from PBS and Amazon.

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Light-emitting diode (LED)
Learn more about the technology that Holzer uses to create her artworks.

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These works were filmed at the MCA Chicago's 2008-09 presentation of the exhibition PROTECT PROTECT, which traveled to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

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Interview with Curator Elizabeth Smith
On programming, Smith says "We are so dependent on programmers and fabricators and individuals from outside what is customarily considered 'the art world' to make sure that the pieces are right and functioning well..." Check out the two-part interview.

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Holzer's Inflammatory Essays (1979-82) - a series of offset posters featuring the artist's own writings - are an example of early typeset works.

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Jenny Holzer talks about the collaborative process in her New York studio, with poet and collaborator Henri Cole.

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Exclusive Episode #048: Jenny Holzer discusses the programming of her LED sculptures during the installation of the exhibition PROTECT PROTECT at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Featured works include MONUMENT (2008), Thorax (2008), Purple (2008), Blue Cross (2008), Green Purple Cross (2008), and Hand (2008), among others. The exhibition traveled to the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York in March 2009.

Whether questioning consumerist impulses, describing torture, or lamenting death and disease, Jenny Holzer’s use of language provokes a response in the viewer. While her subversive work often blends in among advertisements in public space, its arresting content violates expectations. Holzer’s texts—such as the aphorisms “abuse of power comes as no surprise” and “protect me from what I want”—have appeared on posters and condoms, and as electronic LED signs and projections of xenon light. Holzer’s recent use of text ranges from silk-screened paintings of declassified government memoranda detailing prisoner abuse, to poetry and prose in a 65-foot wide wall of light in the lobby of 7 World Trade Center, New York.

Learn more about Jenny Holzer:

VIDEO | Producer: Wesley Miller, Nick Ravich & Kelly Shindler. Interview: Susan Sollins. Camera & Sound: George Monteleone and Alexander Stewart. Editor: Jenny Chiurco. Artwork Courtesy: Jenny Holzer. Special Thanks: MCA Chicago and Karla Loring.

Creepy awsome i wanted to die thats how cool!!!!! it is

Intersting exhibit

This is a neat feature.

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00:00:28 The big installations not only include the creation of or the choice of the text, but then have much to do with filling of the space.

00:00:38 And then have to do with the programming often of the electronics and that programming includes pauses, flashes, phrasing, and more.

00:00:50 I really like the programming aspect.

00:01:01 I was a type setter and type setting is not unlike programming, you have to make it correct, complete, pretty, and fitted.

00:01:18 The presentation needs to make sense with the content and then needs to engage people.

00:01:32 I don’t know how to program, so I am as often is the case reliant upon others. We will have our ideas about what’s going to happen

00:01:44 and then we go and see if our ideas were right. If it’s boring, if it seems wrong for the content,

00:01:56 if it doesn’t fill the space. There are many ways to have it wrong and often you can't tell until you are there.

00:02:10 I hope the installations are atmospheric. I want color to suffuse the space and pulse and do all kinds of tricks.