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Her designs are not presented on the catwalk, nor are they sold in shops. Her designs are not fashionable; they don’t look like couture and definitely aren‘t ’prêt-à-porter’. On the contrary, jumpsuits like hers mostly resemble your grandfather’s pyjamas. Truely timeless. But Anna-Nicole Ziesche isn’t interested in the outside of fashion. She is a researcher and she investigates what a piece of clothing does or might do with the person who’s wearing it. How it hinders certain movements of the body and provokes others; how it can cover and protect you, how it can become a barrier or – on the other hand – can make you vulnerable. How clothes can shape or deform a person mentally. In the film at The Art of Fashion, Anna-Nicole Ziesche goes back to her childhood and questions the way childhood memories are shaped and stored. This video is part of the The Art of Fashion exhibition, which was on view until January 10th 2010 at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.


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