El Anatsui's "Duvor": A New IMA Installation



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Textile + fashion arts
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The IMA new media team was on hand to capture the installation of El Anatsui's Duvor and grab some interviews with both curator and artist.

One of my favorite artists! I love the detail of the works and the communal way that they are created and installed.

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00:00:01 [Music]

00:00:13 El Anatsui is one of Africa's most important and influential artists. His monumental metal hangings are made from thousands of discarded liquor bottle caps

00:00:23 that are flattened and joined together with copper wire to create magnificent sculptural tapestries.

00:00:30 Yeah. Put it where you have your hand. [About right there?] Yes.

00:00:36 The title is Duvor. Duvor, which means communal cloth. The idea is so many hands working together to create this.

00:00:47 People have to keep playing with it until it is right.

00:00:52 By transforming waste into works of art, Anatsui comments on consumerism, disposability, and the painful legacy of the colonial rum trade.

00:01:02 And I hope that by the next time I see it, it should have undergone some change. The kind of work I do is supposed to be one which has

00:01:11 no determinate form. It's something that changes with time and circumstances.

00:01:19 [Music]