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Orly Genger's Blog on Whole
This is a truly beautiful blog post. "For my show at the IMA I wanted to make sculptures that could stand on their own. I had previously created pieces that were sprawling and boundless and all consuming, the structures of which relied heavily on the spaces they inhabited. But this time I attempted to make sculptures that were contained, pieces that had a beginning and an end. And pieces that could be here, there, or anywhere but are themselves wherever they are and that rely only on themselves to be what they are." Read more...

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More on Orly
Meet the Larissa Goldston Gallery.

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Orly Genger in the factory
See a full interview with Orly about Whole and the role Arnold Schwarzenegger played in the inspiration. What a teaser!

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Orly and her piece Mr. Softy
See Orly more of Orly in this YouTube video.

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"a layer of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguishes it from contiguous layers. Each layer is generally one of a number of parallel layers that lie one upon another, laid down by natural forces."

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Flickr Set of Whole Photos (Including Installation)

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A Previous Installation in the Entrance Pavilion by Juliann Swartz

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Known for transforming common nylon climbing rope into elaborate monumental sculptures, New York-based artist Orly Genger has created Whole, a unique site-specific installation, in response to the IMAs Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion. Gengers project for the IMA is her largest and most ambitious to date, incorporating thousands of feet of rope, which she hand-knots, paints and stacks, creating immense sculptures that confront the viewer.

It's weird now that it's gone. The space is so empty and big now.

itss blocking the fire exit

It looks massive and I'd definitely like to see this...

She's right! Check it out while moving up the escalators... it's a must.

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00:00:01 [Music]

00:00:13 What I am attempting to do is to create sculpture, to make sculpture, from the beginning to the end.

00:00:26 That idea of making something whole and seeing it whole and understanding how it is, what it is.

00:00:34 You're, sort of, immediately being very honest with the viewer and revealing the structure of the piece. There is nothing hidden in there, I mean you see, you see how each layer is built,

00:00:43 it's like seeing layers of the earth.

00:00:49 Also this idea that, because of the nature of the space and its nine different sculptures, that you really can't take in the show from one vantage point

00:01:00 and that it's a constantly changing view as you move around the space.

00:01:04 [Music]