Statue of an Ancient Egyptian Family Group



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To Live Forever Exhibition Website
To Live Forever explores the ancient Egyptian belief that death was an enemy that could be beaten through proper preparation. 120 objects, including statuary, coffins, jewelry and vessels, from the Brooklyn Museum's extensive, world-renowned collection tells the story of mummification, the funeral procession and rituals, the contents of the tomb, the final judgment, and the idealized afterlife. See funeral accessories that were used to defeat death and achieve success in the afterlife.

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Learn more about Ancient Eqypt
Check out this book.

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Statue of a Family Group
Visit the Brooklyn Museum Website to learn more about this piece.

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This was the trailer produced by IMA in support of the exhibition

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Artistic scale?
Read how rigorous application of artistic conventions have helped create "typical" Egyptian art that remained virtually unchanged for over three millennia. Naturally, the sculptor (the 'one who causes life') and the draftsman (the 'scribe of forms') followed different sets of artistic conventions with regards to their art.

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How were figures represented?
See a comparison between Egyptian statues and Ancient Greek statues.

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Ancient Egyptian Tombs
Read how the ancient Egyptian civilization changed dramatically throughout the years, and how many of these changes are reflected in how the tombs of the Kings and Queens, nobleman and workers were built and decorated.

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Everything you wanted to know about Indianapolis...
...but were afraid to ask.

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To Live Forever explores the ancient Egyptian belief that death was an enemy that could be beaten through proper preparation. Hear Edward Bleiberg, curator of Egyptian Art, discuss the Egyptian artistic conventions used in a statue of a family group, from the Brooklyn Museum's extensive, world-renowned collection.

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00:00:06 This is one of the first statues from ancient Egypt to be shown publicly in the United States that came from Memphis,

00:00:16 which was the capital in the 24th century B.C. when the statue was made. It shows the head of the household in the center

00:00:25 with his wife kneeling at his left leg and his son standing at his right leg.

00:00:33 It's a very good example of the way the ancient Egyptian artist approached scale. As you can see, the man is portrayed

00:00:42 in a completely different scale from his wife. This was the way the Egyptian artists showed who the most important figure was in a group.

00:00:52 It's really one of the finest examples of the kinds of statues that were found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

00:01:01 It would have been used for offerings, and I am very happy that it will be visiting Indianapolis.