Josiah McElheny: Beauty & Seduction

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Art21 first featured artist Josiah McElheny in 2005
Watch the original & uncut 13 minute film online! (via Hulu)

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Own Season 3 Today: DVD or iTunes
Josiah McElheny is featured in the Art21 episode "Memory" along with fellow artists Mike Kelley, Susan Rothenberg, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. The Season 3 DVD features 4 episodes, 18 artists, and is available from PBS and Amazon.

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Francis Bacon
Learn more about painter Francis Bacon and his work.

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"Modernity circa 1952, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely" (2004)
Learn more about this and similar works in this series of sculptures by Josiah McElheny: cases of mirrored objects placed in a self-enclosed, fully mirrored environment, behind two-way mirror:

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What is the Value of Art?
Join a discussion on the Art21 Blog about the value of art today: "How many times have you asked yourself how Art21-featured artists were able to fund a large scale project...or wondered who buys works...and how much they pay? Buried within questions about the economics of art, are assumptions and often, judgments, about its value that beg to be examined: How is the value of an artist’s intellectual versus physical labor calculated? Are collectible works valued differently than ephemeral projects?"

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Palaces - Sumptuous or Pure Evil?
Learn more about the social and material history behind European palaces, such as the Chateau de Versailles.

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Josiah McElheny's Mirroring Process
See more Josiah McElheny videos on ArtBabble!

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Artist Josiah McElheny discusses the intentionally problematic nature of beauty and seduction in his "Total Reflective Abstraction" (2004) installation, on view at Donald Young Gallery in Chicago, as well as works by fellow artists and architectural masterpieces such as Renaissance palaces.

Josiah McElheny creates finely crafted, handmade glass objects that he combines with photographs, text, and museological displays to evoke notions of meaning and memory. McElheny’s work takes as its subject the object, idea, and social nexus of glass. Influenced by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, McElheny’s work often takes the form of historical fictions. Part of McElheny’s fascination with storytelling is that glassmaking is part of an oral tradition handed down generation to generation, artisan to artisan. Sculptural models of Modernist ideals, these totally reflective environments are both elegant seductions as well as parables of the vices of utopian aspirations.

VIDEO | Producer: Wesley Miller and Nick Ravich. Interview: Susan Sollins. Camera & Sound: Kurt Branstetter, Joel Shapiro, and Tom Bergin. Editor: Jenny Chiurco. Artwork Courtesy: Josiah McElheny. Special Thanks: Donald Young Gallery, Chicago.

this display enabled me to take the neatest pictures of kids and grandkids in silouhette; babies and parents;)

They were very enamored of the darks and lights. Lots of fun!!!

hello! this museum is the bomb!!!!! the art work is super awsome!!! ok well thanks for letting us come!!!!!!

ya this placee is the bombl!!

hi mrs young!!!!!!!!!!!!

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