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More about the Magnificent 11
Casting new light on “the heart and soul” of museums—that is, the permanent collections—the Times asked “a dozen curators and other art specialists to speak about what they consider the region’s great art, from ancient to contemporary.” Eleven artworks from LACMA’s permanent collection made the Times list...

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Edgar Degas - The Bellelli Sisters (Giovanna and Giuliana Bellelli)
Check out this beautifully painted Degas masterpiece in LACMA's Collections Online!

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The Met has much to say about the life and times of Degas.
"Edgar Degas (1834-1917) was an outspoken proponent of a new sensibility. He and his contemporaries, known as the Impressionists, organized independent exhibitions in which they showed their controversial work. Degas's style, subject matter, and artistic sensibility set him apart from the other Impressionists..." You can learn more from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's education section entitled Explore and Learn.

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Interview with Patrice Marandel, LACMA's Curator of European Painting and Sculpture
Read more about the charismatic Robert H. Ahmanson Chief Curator of European Art, Patrice Marandel, to learn about the kinds of artworks he collects for LACMA and why he came to work at the museum in 1993.

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Vija Celmins - Untitled (Comb)
Take a closer look at this giant comb - it's 77 inches tall!

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Check out Art of Two Germanys, the new exhibition curated by Stephanie Barron
It's only on display until April 19th 2009, but you can view it online here. Photograph by Sybille Bergemann.

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Vija Celmins was inspired by Magritte's painting, Personal Values
You can see Personal Values as well as many other Surrealist works by following this link to

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Georges de La Tour - Magdalen with the Smoking Flame
This sensitive painting is one of the most popular paintings at LACMA.

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Georges de La Tour at the Louvre
In Paris, the Louvre Museum has a wonderful collection of paintings by Georges de La Tour.

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Two Addorsed Tree Dryads
Get a closer look at this ancient artwork made in India.

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Curious about Sanchi, India?
Although not directly connected with events in the life of the Buddha, Sanchi became a pilgrimage site when Ashoka Maurya erected a stupa and column there in the middle of the 3d century BC. Later rulers enlarged the complex. After the decline of Buddhism in India, the ruins lay neglected until the 19th century. Restoration activity commenced in the early 20th century, with the rebuilding of the principal stupas and the creation of the present park and museum. Sanchi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Edward Kienholz - Back Seat Dodge '38
Explore the controversy chronicled in this website. The famous assemblage sculpture by Ed Kienholz, Back Seat Dodge '38, gained notoriety in 1966 when it became the focus of a public dispute involving censorship and the arts.

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New York Times Article about Back Seat Dodge ’38
This article addresses the lasting fascination with Edward Kienholz's sculpture, Back Seat Dodge ’38 .

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Paul Cézanne - Sous Bois
Take a closer look at this Post-Impressionist painting in LACMA's Collections Online.

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Paul Cezanne Virtual Museum
This virtual museum allows the visitor to search 200 of Cezanne's paintings, read a biography of the artist, and visit the websites of other museums with Cezzane holdings.

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Greene and Greene - Furniture from the Robert R. Blacker House
Check out the 1907 light fixture and other Art and Crafts style furniture made for the Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena, California.

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Recent Arts & Crafts Exhibition at LACMA, curated by Wendy Kaplan
Read more about The Arts and Crafts Movement 1880-1920 in Europe and America.

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Visit the Greene brothers' Arts & Crafts masterpiece, The Gamble House, in Pasadena
Even if you can't make it to Pasadena, this wonderful website will provide plenty of amazing visuals and informative content.

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Jean-Siméon Chardin - Soap Bubbles
Take a closer look at this crowd-pleaser, the rare French painting made by Chardin in 1733.

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Chardin Exhibition at The Met
In 2000, the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited 66 works by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. Although the exhibition was temporary, many of these pieces can be seen at this link.

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The Ardabil Carpet
View several detail photos to see the intricate pattern carefully woven into this carpet.

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The World's Largest Rug
This Associated Press video tells the story of a rug made by Iranian weavers that is more than two square miles!

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Pompeo Batoni - Portrait of Sir Wyndham Knatchbull-Wyndham
This 1758 portrait was comissioned by Sir Wyndham to document his travels. Zoom in to check out the souvenirs he collected!

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René Magritte - The Treachery of Images (This Is Not a Pipe)
"My painting is visible images which conceal nothing; they evoke mystery and, indeed, when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question 'What does that mean'? It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable." René Magritte

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Magritte and Contemporary Art: The Treachery of Images
This LACMA exhibition (now closed) brought record attendance, but thankfully you can still see all the exhibition's wonders. Visit this website to read about Magritte and the scores of artists he influenced.

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Curators talk about eleven of LACMA’s permanently held artworks which made the LA Times list of the region's greatest art, revealing the unique qualities that have made them favorites of the experts.

I loved this video so much. Well lit, great stories, gorgeous art. An especially welcome touch was the different intro music that accompanied each section. It definitely was a great addition to my experience of viewing the images of the artwork. I especially liked hearing the stories behind the art. (I have to admit I never "got" the whole "not a pipe" situation until watching this. I've been faking it for years!) I don't know where you found such well spoken curators, but awesome job! You've inspired me to create something similar at the Postal Museum. Maybe the stories behind stamps, mail trucks, folk art mailboxes... Great point about the permanent collection being just as magnificent as blockbusters, too! Erin

When I bought "I Am Not a Paper Cup" I thought of Magritte's "La Trahison des images (Ceci n'est pas une pipe)". Thanks for a fascinating look at the collection's highlights.

i thought this was cool

Interesting video.

Yes - ! I love the painting "Magadelen and the Smoking Flame" ... it's been too long since I've seen a painting by Georges de La Tour ...and to see in a context with Vijia Celmins's (Untitled) Comb - fun times!

For more about Ed Kienholz, Walter Hopps and Ferus Gallery watch "The Cool School" documentary.

I miss living in LA and visiting LACMA.

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