Collezione Maramotti (13 of 20)
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4 October 2015 – 28 February 2016
Max Mara Art Prize for Women, in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery
Corin Sworn | "Silent Sticks"
After the show at the Whitechapel Gallery, Corin Sworn presents her new project at the Collection. The new work focusses on the rich history of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, the improvised theatrical comedies from the 16th century onwards performed by touring troupes of actors. Combining architecture, sculpture and textiles, her work sets the stage for a performance that will be filmed and edited in a video by the artist and presented within the installation. Sworn was particularly interested in the evolution of la commedia through history, and the instances of mistaken identity which often appear in its storylines. The role of clothing in 16th and 17th century Italian society, and the ability of the newly professionalised role of the actor to destabilise relationships and hierarchies is also explored.


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