Collezione Maramotti (20 of 20)
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7 May – 17 September 2017
In 1972 London’s Tate Modern acquired the piece "Equivalent VIII" by US artist Carl Andre (made of 120 bricks ranged on two overlapping lines to design a rectangle), a move which triggered a spate of controversy in the British press. Elisabetta Benassi has explored these materials, now held in the Tate. Bricks are for homes! is one of these materials, and her exhibition starts from there. In the displayed project, the brick – often decontextualized – becomes the central element, the constitutive cell of some of the works on exhibit. Subtraction and recomposition, inside and outside, protection and assault, wall and shelter: the seemingly ambiguity of the opposites becomes the field of exploration in the artist’s work where materials, objects and artifacts are the result of visual layerings and accumulations which are brought back to new life, offering visitors the possibility of kaleidoscopic interpretations.


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