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19 March – 30 July 2017

Krištof Kintera | Postnaturalia

How would nature look like when revisited after the age of information? We still live in a kind of copper age as the quantums of amperes in the form of navigated electrons are coming to us through the World Wide Web, made of copper wires to deliver us energy and information. This huge mega nervous system is an inspirational platform for sculpting the complex installation of "Postnaturalia". Nature is being recreated in the studio of Kintera using synthetic materials, different kinds of chemicals, used electronics and wires to reform again into the beauty and spontaneity of “natural Nature”. New kinds of plants are being developed, grown, categorized in herbarium and seeded into a large “nervous system”. One part of this installation – produced in its entirety for Collezione Maramotti – takes us directly into the laboratory, where new species are being developed and produced


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