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Slam your canvas through load-bearing nails. Balance it with a level you got at the app store. Hang it at eye level if your wall is a gallery, closer to the ceiling if it's in a salon. Screw beer can tabs into the frame. Stick a lit cigarette in the middle. And don't forget to take breaks. From BHQFU, their free, unaccredited art school located above a karate studio in Manhattan, the Bruce High Quality Foundation show you How to Hang a Painting, the first tutorial in their How To Series for MOCAtv. 
Starring Kylie White, Joe Kay, Ben Seltzer. Directed and Edited by Joe Kay & Emerson Rosenthal. Produced by Ari Richter & Haley Mellin. Camera by Emerson Rosenthal & Manoil Tzonev. Music: "Cool Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod. Shot on location at BHQFU. Special Thanks to Joslyn Crocco.


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