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On the border of the arts district and on a wall facing Skid Row, Los Angeles graffiti artist Risk paints "Ye Sun," an energetic, optimistic mural that fills the side of the Hotel Las Americas with rays and inscriptions which symbolize the hopes and dreams of the residents of Skid Row. As an innovator of writing on "heavens," or freeway overpasses, Risk has been in dialogue with the public for thirty years, using the streets to capture attention. Now, as a father of four and an established career artist, he uses the streets to evoke emotion and awareness, to dispel the myth that all graffiti is negative, and to uplift people with bright, resilient color.
Directed by Todd Mazer. Executive Producers: Ethel Seno, Alex Stapleton. A Just Mix Media Production. Produced by Daniel Lahoda. Produced by Todd Mazer. Consulting Producer: Ira Stone. Director of Photography: Todd Mazer. Edited by Parker Detchon. Associate Producer: Charnice Burns. Associate Producer: Adam Corlin. First A.D.: Bryan "Birdman" Meier. Pilot: Zachary Bryson. Mural Crew: Adam Corlin, Dana Gustafson, Daniel Lahoda, Sloan Upton.
In Association with LA Freewalls and MOCA.
Music: Atmosphere ("Puppets," "Sunshine"), Naytronix ("Turn Around," "Evil Dancer," "Hangin' Out").
Special Thanks: Bryson Air, LALA Gallery, Montana Black, Montana Gold, Skid Row Housing Trust.
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