"Art:21-Art in the Twenty-First Century" Season Five Trailer (Fall 2009)



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We decided to make a TV show about visual art
Because art matters. Because thinking about the issues of our time matters. Because artists offer us new perspectives about ourselves and the world around us.

You can watch all four previous seasons on Hulu & iTunes.

Or view the trailer for the George Foster Peabody Award-winning Season 4 (2007).

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We put our heads together
Art21 is a non-profit organization that illuminates the creative process of today’s visual artists through the production of documentary films, interpretive media, and live programs that stimulate critical reflection as well as conversation. Art21 offers an independent, “behind-the-scenes” point of view on contemporary art and artists, producing primary source materials of the highest quality. Art21’s additional projects include: public screenings and events; workshops for educators; and a blog and social media initiatives.

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We invited 14 artists to participate
They all have a story to tell. They are painters and sculptors, photographers and filmmakers, performers and new media artists. They are young and old. They live and work around the world. They are shaping the future, describing the present, and examining the past. In 8 years over 5 seasons of the "Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century" television series, we've profiled 86 of today's most innovative artists. This season will introduce audiences to the 14 exceptional artists we've been collaborating with these past two years.

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We did 46 shoots in 14 months
Season Five is our first filmed in Hi-Definition (HDTV)! Art21 works with a team of award-winning film directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors and designers. Art21 has filmed in museums, studios, galleries and communities all over the world.

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We shot in 38 locations
And in over 20 cities all over the world: Atlanta, Beijing, Berlin, Bogota, Chicago, Columbus, Johanessburg, Krefeld, London, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Paris, Sao Paulo, Stralsund, Syndey, Syracuse, Versailles, and more....

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We traveled to 9 countries on 6 continents
Season Five is our most international yet! We filmed on every continent, except for Antarctica. Art21 reflects our world, which is increasingly globalized and interconnected.

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We even filmed in cyberspace!
Turns out filming in SecondLife is a lot like the real thing.

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We recorded over 130 hours
Art21 creates a rich archive documenting the artists of our time. To date, the Art21 archive contains over 600 hours of film and video footage, and we're continually adding new material throughout the year.

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We are editing it down to only 227 minutes
Each season of Art21's PBS series consists of four one-hour episodes. Each episode profiles three to five of today’s most fascinating contemporary visual artists, loosely grouped together by themes that provide entry points for viewers of all backgrounds.

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We'd like you to meet artist Yinka Shonibare MBE
Born in Britain and raised in Nigeria, we filmed Yinka Shonibare MBE in Australia as he prepared for his first museum retrospective before traveling to his home and studio in London.

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We think artist William Kentridge is truly innovative
Through a combination of stop-motion animation, video projection, and theatrical performance, South African artist William Kentridge blurs the boundaries between media, art, and life.

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We've fallen in love with artist Mary Heilmann
American artist Mary Heilmann's bold palette, striking compositions, and irreverent charm place pleasure in the forefront.

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We're premiering on PBS Fall 2009
Join hundreds of institutions in offering sneak peeks of Season 5. Art21 collaborates with museums, high schools, colleges, universities, community-based organizations, libraries, art spaces, public television stations and individuals to host preview screenings and events as part of an international outreach campaign. Last season, Art21 Access '07 featured over 350 events in every state in the United States and every continent in the world. We want to help make Art21 Access '09 a part of your local community. Sign up today!

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We want you to spread the word!
Embed or share this video. Become our friend on Facebook. Subscribe to updates through our Blog, Twitter, Newsletter and YouTube Channel. Stay tuned to Art21 and PBS. Turn off the computer and call your mom!

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Season Five of the Peabody Award-winning television series "Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century" premieres on PBS in the United States (Fall 2009).

This trailer spotlights the artists Mary Heilmann, William Kentridge, and Yinka Shonibare MBE, offering brief glimpses of an additional eleven, dynamic and engaging contemporary artists.

Can you guess who they are? We're not telling (just yet).

It is a really nice video=) Especially, I like a fragment about South African artist William Kentridge. He blurs the boundaries between media, art, and life through a combination of stop-motion animation, video projection, and theatrical performance. It made a great impression on me=)

We like William Kentridge. Thank yous.

well hi how is everybody today????? were all doing swell and delightful!!!! this art video is amazing. i highly enjoy it in many ways. art is to be appreciated.. it compliments the mind heart and soul as well as the visual concept. art touches my heart and soul all day everyday. WINDOW!!!!!!!! LA VENTANA PARA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AZUCAR!
Thank you greatly!!!!!!

I had the pleasure of seeing Yinka Shonibare's "Big Boy" last year. Amazing work that sparked tons of great reaction and dialogue!

aw shucks....now we're blushing!
yours truly, "the people who make the videos"

We LOVE Art21! Especially the people who make the videos!

Great Stuff!

it's cutting edge! meaning stuff that's been processed and digested and is now safely passed out.

It's a really nice video. Are some of the artists Paul Mccarthy, Jeff Koons?

Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman for sure..


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