I Love the AD's

The Jerry Jheri Debate

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So, wikipedia says that jerry curl is actually spelled "jheri" curl. Will academia or pop culture prevail? You be the judge.

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Relive the movie magic of this epic film.

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The Jerry Jheri Debate
So, wikipedia says that jerry curl is actually spelled "jheri" curl. Will academia or pop culture prevail? You be the judge.

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Sure the Romans didn't have Madonna and stone-washed jeans, but they had the caesars and really cool togas! Take a tour of the ADs as Roman pop culture experts rant about the people, fashions, fads, and trends that defined life 2,000 years ago. From bathroom behavior to big hair, the ADs were like totally awesome!

Very funny. I was so excited when studying ancient history and learning about the origins of graffiti. People sniff at tagging (signatures) but in 1000 yrs some one could be making a video parody of that. Who knows?


J is a Jenius.

Let's it breathe. I laugh every time.

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00:00:15 Do you remember when Caesars ruled? Gladiators battled to the death? And when you were judged by the color of your toga?

00:00:24 Of course you don't! Let's go back to a time of big hair, big egos, and big appetites!

00:00:32 Before you and me, there was a time called the AD's. I love the AD's. You might think you're stylish now, but in ancient Rome, you'd be rocking in one of these.

00:00:47 However the empress decided to wear her hair, would filter down to the rest of the population. By the time of the Flavian Period, women had become very elaborate

00:00:57 with their hairstyles with all of these curls and ringlets. From the front, she is this gorgeous woman and then from the back there is nothing.

00:01:05 The Jheri curl has been around for a long time. The soul glo through.

00:01:10 I think you know what I'm talking about. She looks great. This is a she, I'm assuming, maybe a he but I'm not judging.

00:01:17 In a satire, Juvenal said, "Look at her from the front, she appears like Andromache. From the back, she is half the size."

00:01:26 Juvenal, ah, the Roman scholar, I believe it was Juvenal who said, "Girl you looks good, why don't you back that (beep) up." Wabbity-wabbity, drop it like it's hot.

00:01:37 Wear a toga today equals going to a frat party, wear a toga in 14 AD and you could be a senator.

00:01:45 If you were a citizen, you were allowed to wear the toga.

00:01:49 Well, the toga was worn by various members of society.

00:01:53 The toga? Lets it breathe.

00:01:55 I'm sure it was very comfortable.

00:01:56 We have several Roman aristocrats who were basically assassinated partly because they couldn't get away in these togas. They couldn't run away. I mean, it is something like thirty feet of cloth

00:02:05 and they get all stumbly, you know, that's when you wanna get them when they were in their togas.

00:02:10 They clean the togas, the white ones anyway, in a urine bath.

00:02:16 Apparently, the women had to go out and wash the togas in urine and then they had to set it out in the sun.

00:02:22 Those are the types of smells that tell you you're alive.

00:02:24 Who doesn't want to eat and drink 'til they vomit?

00:02:28 A food the, sort of, average public would eat probably pretty basic fare.

00:02:33 Garum, it just seems like one of the most hideous substances that they concocted in antiquity.

00:02:38 Let's do it up.

00:02:39 Okay.

00:02:39 Here we go.

00:02:41 It was basically all the parts of fish that you couldn't eat, the guts, the entrails, mixed with garlic and onions...

00:02:52 I don't like it.

00:02:53 Roman wine is indescribable. Somewhere between Mad Dog and Manischewitz, it's perfect.

00:03:02 Yeah, it tastes like watered-down vinegar

00:03:06 with a little bit of grape juice.

00:03:07 Yeah.

00:03:09 Can I do this as a shooter? Is that cool?

00:03:16 Ah! That's good.

00:03:18 Roman baths made it legal to drop trou in public.

00:03:22 The Romans had it right, bathing together in public.

00:03:26 You know, poor people would be there, but rich people would be there, surrounded by their slaves. You would not be able to, as a poor person, go up and shake hands with some powerful Roman.

00:03:33 That's not going to happen. These guys had someone to hold his bar of soap, someone to hold his towel, someone to hold his brush.

00:03:38 You know, I would like to compare the emperors to the rappers of today. They 'bout the bling and they made it rain drachma.

00:03:47 The question begs to be answered, "Is antiquity all that antiquated?"

00:03:57 "Are you not entertained?" That's a quote, from Gladiator.