On Procession: Interchange Parade

Big Car

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Big Car is a local group of artists with HQ's in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

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The Official On Procession Website
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Big Car
Big Car is a local group of artists with HQ's in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

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The exhibition On Procession was accompanied by a parade in Indianapolis on April 26, 2008. That parade, conceived as an extension of the exhibition, was developed with local partners and was comprised of commissioned artworks, a series of community workshops with master craftspersons, and an open call for participation.

I'd love to have such a parade in my town))

sorry, i meant willy. oops :p

Jyl, believe me, you're not missing much here in Indy...

sweet~ ( :

Mr. TTT seems so lifelike in the time lapse at the end. Good stuff.

Now I'm regretting not moving to Indy. I really want to be part of that lawnchair group.

Simple but very effective
The eyes were quite clever.

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00:00:06 [Music]

00:00:35 [Music]

00:00:44 Cause women need to vote!

00:00:46 Yeah...that's right!

00:00:47 Men need to vote! Yeah...

00:00:48 Everybody of legal age and sound mind needs to vote!

00:00:53 Yeah...

00:00:54 Now, come on, cast that vote, cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote...,

00:01:03 cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote...,

00:01:15 cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote..., cast that vote...,

00:01:25 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:01:50 I've got a few beauty queens in here with me that are representing some of modern day's augmentation beauty practices. Just giving out a commentary on what is America's idea

00:02:01 of beauty in the modern age and how we are striving to meet those standards in an unrealistic and...in fake ways.

00:02:10 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:02:51 [Music]

00:02:54 The idea was to have all these people come up to see the parade. I wanted the audience to feel like they were the ones being watched.

00:03:14 The project was to go as a giant hand and we would have had a thumb, but I kinda like us being a neutral hand, you don't know if you are right or left handed

00:03:23 and we're giant fingers, so the point is interactivity because we can like wave, we can grab things, we can point, we can give the peace sign, we can give the middle finger,

00:03:35 so the piece can have whatever meaning we make it have.

00:03:39 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:03:48 I am Emily Marcum. I came up with the idea because I want people to wash up. I had to come up with the idea because I can't walk for a mile because I have problem with my bones

00:03:57 and so I was like, hey, I'll just make something out of a shopping cart.

00:04:00 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:04:09 We decided to paint each of us, as different works of art that are well recognized. Jessica is...I am Liechtenstein, I am Mondrian,

00:04:20 I am the Starry Night, I am Pollock, I am Warhol, and I am Munch.

00:04:25 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:05:29 We have weekly meetings for, you know, Arthole, which is a Cincinnati-based, you know, Collaborative and Performance Art Group. I came to a meeting and someone said

00:05:38 here is a parade invitation for, you know, the IMA's On Procession, you know, yada yada yada. I said, "Okay, I wanna have a robot parade."

00:05:47 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:05:54 Was everybody responsible for their own robot or did you guys like have robot parties?

00:05:59 I would have little robot buildings, and people came and built robots all day long.

00:06:03 [Music]

00:06:10 Can you talk a little bit about your project and how you decided to build it?

00:06:15 Well, we wanted something that would be interactive and so we thought of a ball because balls are really fun for kids and for everybody. So we decided to,

00:06:24 we just went with like, how can you make a big, big ball to make an impression? We have ten artists involved, they all got pieces of canvas, they painted pretty much in their style

00:06:34 and then we cut it up, collaged it, and put it together.

00:06:37 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:06:47 Like the sunflower, follow the light. And it's a take off on the philosophy of the Church Within and also one of the projects of Global Peace Initiatives, where we do the mass planting

00:06:57 of sunflowers all over communities to tell people that, number one, we love them. We love the neighborhood, and we remind them ,as we plant the flowers

00:07:06 that they will see the flower all summer long and remember that love.

00:07:09 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:07:26 Hi, they put me in the cage.

00:07:34 I am the Fun and they put me in a cage. They won't let me out, they won't let me out. This is no parade,

00:07:43 there are no bands, there are no horses.

00:07:47 Bye!

00:07:50 We are sort of talking about how the neighborhood's growing and how we, what would you say, socialize through gardening and flowers and

00:08:00 how we've all grown, sort of, together organically and now we're all good friends just because we live by each other.

00:08:06 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:08:33 [Music]

00:08:33 This is the Woodruff Place Marching Lawn Chair Brigade. We are the finest Semi-Precision Marching Lawn Chair Brigade in the Midwest with emphasis on semi.

00:08:42 We've been organized since 1993 and our motto is, "Harmless Fun Since 1993". And our auxiliary motto is, "When the Parade Stops, We Sit".

00:09:15 How did you guys come up with this idea?

00:09:18 We just thought it would be funny, just to have a bunch of people running around under a blanket, devouring people, but I don't know!

00:09:26 It's cool. Well, I couldn't resist jumping into it.

00:09:29 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:09:54 Tell us about your painting.

00:09:55 It's, "Us by Numbers". It's what we all create by working together, so this is about Fountain Square and all the artwork is designed about Fountain Square and about 400 people worked together to paint this.

00:10:06 Super-cool! How did you come up with this idea?

00:10:09 It's about community and I needed a positive way, actually this is the rest of my career, I am going to work around the city and then the state and the country doing these for individual communities, about

00:10:18 what we all create by working together on projects.

00:10:21 [Voices and street sounds...]

00:10:38 This is the Oatmeal Eaters, they are poets extraordinaire, they are wonderful!

00:10:43 [Music]

00:11:14 We are with the Johnny Appleseed Color Guard and we are distributing seeds, wildflowers, Echinacea and Coreopsis.

00:11:23 So how did you come up with this idea?

00:11:25 Well, Johnny Appleseed traveled from Massachusetts to Indiana and he was buried in Indiana, you know, he was planting Appleseeds, so we thought we would take that idea

00:11:35 and we are coming from the west, so we are reversing his route traveling west to east and passing out native wildflower.

00:11:50 This project is called, "Saddledrag", and it's just about western migration and some of the myth of the cowboy and how that's romantic, but how that's also kind of problematic as well.

00:12:02 In what way?

00:12:04 Just in terms of, you know, like colonizing the West and taking that over and so the whole manifest destiny idea...and so this saddle kind of eroding

00:12:14 and its breaking into pieces, it's kind of emblematic of that.

00:12:18 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:12:41 Who are we saving the internet from?

00:12:43 Companies that are charging people extra to look at certain content.

00:12:50 [Music]

00:13:11 My name is Abdul of indianabarrister.com and WXNT. Today we are The Lone Blogger, which is the story of my love life every once in a while. We are trying to blog from the parade

00:13:20 and having a great time doing it. Of course, there are little bumps in the road, it's a little tricky, but that's just like blogging.

00:13:31 We created the Indiana Brown Bat, the Barn Owl. This is the Red Salamander.

00:13:41 This is the Indiana Bat right over here. This is the bee, although they are not endangered, they are having collapse of their hives

00:13:50 and they are not exactly sure why, so they are definitely an animal that needs to be looked out for.

00:13:55 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:14:06 We are the Indianapolis Art Center Team. We are all about China. We are bringing in programming for the summer called Two Worlds, One Language Through Art. We are doing family activities. This is just

00:14:16 highlighting what our whole summer is about. See all shiny, sunshiny and radiant.

00:14:22 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:14:52 Hey, can you tell us about your project?

00:14:54 We are taking revenge on all the little children that took their anger out on us, through the decades, for candy.

00:15:04 Remember the next time you try to hit a pinata. No candy for you, no candy for you, man! I will hit candy out of you.

00:15:10 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:16:02 Tell us why you are out here today?

00:16:03 We are out here today as a demonstration of peace because that's what we need is more peace. No war. No war. No war.

00:16:11 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:16:25 Tell us about this project.

00:16:26 Yo...This is TTT! He's magic! And we're bringing it to everyone at IMA! And our friends here and we just love it.

00:16:33 And he's going to make his way back to IMA, right?

00:16:36 Oh, yeah. We are all going to bounce on top of him.

00:16:37 Oh yeah?

00:16:38 He's going to fill us with our love and magic and spirituality and everyone is going to believe in joy and that's what's going to happen. From Friends With You, one half of friends with you,

00:16:48 me, myself, and Sam Arturo and we are just making happy for everyone.

00:16:55 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:17:09 Is this your project?

00:17:11 Oh, yeah! The group of people walking with us.

00:17:12 Oh okay! Can you tell us about it?

00:17:15 Ahh, it's the space tank from the CAI.

00:17:19 CAI stands for Contemporary Arts Initiative!

00:17:21 We are from Lafayette, Indiana.

00:17:23 [Music, voices, and/or street sounds...]

00:17:35 We are playing with pseudo-realities. We are bringing military parade into the art parade and you know, it's all about flaunting and its all not real

00:17:45 and so that's the idea.

00:17:47 In part, this work is based on writings by Walter Lippmann, The World Outside And The Pictures In Your Head that if you don't experience an event in person,

00:17:57 you then respond to it emotionally, so we have composited a collage of military marches, parades from World War I, Korea, China,

00:18:07 World War II, etc. So not only are we are wearing a virtual parade, but we are suggesting that there is an element of propaganda in how understandings are shaped by imagery.

00:18:18 Hi, I am Heidi Shackaford, Terrence Shackaford and we are Peewinkles Puppet Studio and this is one of our big jestures.

00:18:26 [Music]