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Graffiti Writer RETNA talks about his life, his love, and his motivation to create art.
RETNA is a valiant and innovative unifier of culture. Through his uniquely curated alphabet of old english, hebrew, arab, asian and other calligraphy Retna has created his own universal text by which to translate his emotions, dreams, and poetry. He is also a kind and generous artist whose utmost goal is to share his work and put a smile on the face of those who enjoy and understand his dense rhythmic structures. As gallery owner Michael Kohn notes Retna is "Frans Kline meets Keith Haring," sophisticated yet deeply rooted in the traditions of the street art crews Retna either ran or became member to from the late 1980's til today. He has been featured in numerous museum exhibitions including MOCA's own Art in The Streets, which in 2011 was well attended and lauded as a great testament to how far Graffiti and Street Art have come in the last 40 years.
Art by Marquis Lewis (RETNA)
Made by G. Lewis Heslet
Music by Plaza de Raza Youth Ensemble
Additional Music by Alf Alpha
Sound Mix by Bryan Parker
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