Special Exhibitions at The Frick Collection

View videos of various special exhibitions at The Frick Collection.

In The Frame: Exploring the Detroit Institute of Arts

The program, hosted by DIA Director Graham Beal, and taped on location at the museum, covers a different portion of the Museum's large collection in each episode. Beal leads you through the world of the museum in a relaxed and easy-to-understand approach, making the art, the exhibits, and the artists come alive.


Art21: First Look (24 videos)

Art21: First Look

Previews of Art21's current and upcoming film projects, including the Peabody-award winning PBS series, Art in the Twenty-First Century, as well as PBS specials, including the full-length film, William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible.


AsiaAlive (1 video)


AsiaAlive at the Asian Art Museum is a free, interactive, drop-in program for all ages featuring live artist demonstrations, hands-on activities, and information on rotating themes.

The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection

Over the course of nearly half a century, Robert and Jane Meyerhoff acquired works by some of the most influential American artists in the postwar era, building a collection that bridges the divide between abstract and figurative painting. More than 40 artists are represented, with special focus on Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden, Robert Rauschenberg, and Frank Stella. Harry Cooper, the National Gallery's curator of modern and contemporary art, gives a tour of the exhibition, which includes 126 paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture.

Empire of the Eye: The Magic of Illusion

The Magic of Illusion—presented here in a seven-part podcast series—is a film about how we see, what we see, or what it is we think we see. Al Roker guides us on a journey into the secrets of illusion, utilizing special effects to illustrate the artistic and visionary discoveries of the Renaissance. While Copernicus and Columbus were changing our understanding of the world, the Renaissance masters were dramatically changing the way we see that world. The film uses recent technology to look at old works in new ways.


Boijmans TV (4 videos)

Boijmans TV

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen presents in cooperation with RTV Rijnmond, Popov film and the RO Theater the new television series Boijmans TV. It is being broadcast from Wednesday 14 April 2010 by RTV Rijnmond; it can be seen weekly at 5.40 pm.
Boijmans TV is a new programme about art, based on an idea by Wilfried de Jong. It is more than an art magazine. We do not only meet the artist, but also the museum visitor, the attendant and the employee of technical services.

MATCHA (Art Happenings)

Experience mesmerizing performances, create your own art, embark on gallery tours, see the latest special exhibition, sit in on a talk, mingle with friends over cocktails, enjoy what the DJ is spinning, and much, much more. Each MATCHA event at the Asian Art Museum has its own unique flavor and vibe.

Art Speak: Young Artists Create and Collaborate

Creating opportunities for youth involvement at the Asian Art Museum, Art Speak engages young artists ages fourteen to eighteen who are interested in Asian art and culture, enjoy exploring new and different ideas, are self-motivated and independent but work well with others, and feel comfortable interacting with the public. From manga to Ming to samurai, Art Speak is a dynamic program that grows from year to year with each season offering new and exciting opportunities for creation and collaboration.

Beliefs Made Visible: Hindu and Buddhist Art in South Asia

Members of the Bay Area Indian community describe the context of Hindu and Buddhist arts in India. Included are clips of temples, festivals, and worship at various sites in India.