Todd Schorr: American Surreal

Todd Schorr: American Surreal is the first mid-career retrospective of the Los Angeles-based artist. Schorr is a leading figure in Southern California’s cartoon-based movement, dubbed “Pop Surrealism,” which embraces low-brow culture and a ribald graphic style indebted to pop sources such as Mad magazine. Schorr’s astonishing, highly polished realism, (inspired by Bosch, Brueghel and Dali), sets him apart from his best-known peers such as Camille Rose Garcia, Gary Baseman, and Mark Ryden.


Talks (97 videos)


Art Museums bring in a wide variety of speakers to educate, inspire, or provoke thought. We know you can’t make every event in person, so that is why we bring to you our collection of talks ranging from topics like Contemporary Art, Hello Kitty, innovative performances and Gauguin. You can also hear from leaders of museums around the world on issues like globalization, the state of the economy, collecting practices, technology, and what the future holds for art museums.

NYPL: Design by the Book

What happens when five artists come one of the world's largest libraries in search of inspiration for their next project? Hosted by Grace Bonney of the Design*Sponge blog, "Design by the Book" follows a glassblower, letterpress printer, ceramicist, pattern designer, and graphic designer as they uncover hidden treasures in The New York Public Library and then return to their studios ready to design... by the book. The artists are: Lorena Barrezueta, Rebecca Kutys, Mike Perry, John Pomp and Julia Rothman. Special guest Isaac Mizrahi will joins us in Episode 2 to share his sources of inspiration.


MoMA: 30 Seconds (31 videos)

MoMA: 30 Seconds

“30 Seconds,” is an ongoing series created by artist and independent filmmaker Thilo Hoffmann in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art.


IMA: In the Gallery (6 videos)

IMA: In the Gallery

A lot of interesting people come into the museum, and they are not always working on an art installation or opening an exhibition. Sometimes they are poets, activists, writers, set designers, or politicians, who are involved in the museum on another level, outside of the studio, but still in the realm of creativity and personal expression. We invite these guests into the galleries to give us their view on the art they encounter and how it reflects the world as they see it.

IMA: Director's Journal

Learn about current IMA events with the Melvin and Bren Simon Director and CEO Maxwell Anderson.

IMA: Employee Profiles

Go behind the scenes at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to see what it takes to bring it all together. From Design to Education to Horticulture to Curatorial, these episodes will give you a never-before-seen look into the culture of a museum. Each episode highlights a different staff member at the IMA.

Roman Art from the Louvre Webisodes

Informative. Innovative. Entertaining. The Roman Art from the Louvre Webisodes consist of (11) short video episodes highlighting various themes from the Louvre's collection and Roman history. View the Indianapolis Museum of Art -produced episodes of short videos—shot on location at the Louvre, in Rome, and in Indianapolis.


IMA: In the Factory (17 videos)

IMA: In the Factory

The 'In the Factory' series invites visiting artists to sit down in IMA’s production studio (aka The Nugget Factory) and answer a series of questions about their latest projects. This series uniquely captures artists talking about projects as they are creating them at IMA and makes connections to how these works relate to their careers and art viewers. The videos serve to document art at IMA, but also, more generally, provide insight into the world of 21st century art.