Loca Miraculi (6 videos)

Loca Miraculi

Explore Martha Glowacki's cabinet of curiosities installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Remains (4 videos)


Watch artists Beth Lipman, BA Harrington and Sarah Lindley talk about their artworks in the Remains exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum, as well as explain how their contemporary art is informed by historical decorative objects.


Hidden Dimensions (7 videos)

Hidden Dimensions

Learn about early American domestic objects as seen through an anthropological lens, revealing facets of the human experience such as power and death.


Art, Italian Style (3 videos)

Art, Italian Style

ArtBabble Monthly Theme for December, 2009

Pack your bags- we’re going to do a bit of time travelin' for this month's ArtBabble theme. This December we're highlighting AB videos that have to do with the history of art in Italy, from Antiquities through the Renaissance. But since you can’t live in the past forever, have also thrown in some videos about Contemporary art inspired by ancient works. Now get in the DeLorean.


Art of Fashion (5 videos)

Art of Fashion

In general, fashion and art are considered to be totally different. Art is dealing with important issues; fashion with mere appearances. Fashion is temporal; art universal.

Still not all fashion designers are guided by what’s hot and what’s not. On the contrary. Some of them work with big and universal themes like identity and individuality.

They pose questions like: who am I and who do I become by what I wear? What is my relationship to my surroundings and to other people, who might wear a different type of clothes?


Film (8 videos)


ArtBabble theme for November 2009

This month’s theme is all about the silver screen. Check out exclusive interviews with directors Eve Sussman and Spike Lee as well as some surreal works influenced by movie icon King Kong. Enjoy!


Pipilotti Rist (12 videos)

Pipilotti Rist

Video artist Pipilotti Rist installed a major retroperspective of nine spatial video works at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. The spectacular immersive exhibition, titled Elixir, opened in the spring of 2009.
This series contains an interview with the artist, a video of the installation of the exhibition and eleven captivating excerpts from the lecture she gave about her work.


Installations (16 videos)


The monthly theme for October 2009
May we present to you high quality video content involving the installation process. Check out the blood sweat and tears that go into making an exhibition live.


Dutch Design (11 videos)

Dutch Design

Dutch Design is supposed to be defiant: a book about colour could easily end up to be in black and white. But is it Defiance, that makes Dutch Design known all over the world? Or is it something else; idealism perhaps or a tendency to be frugal with materials.

Dutch designers may be social engaged or they might combine calvinism and creativity in an unexpected way. In this series, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen interviews a varied range of Dutch designers - upcoming and well known - about their work, their doubts and their ideals.

What's It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospect

Artist William Wiley has generously allowed his film works to be published here on the occasion of his exhibition What's It All Mean: William T. Wiley in Retrospect at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.