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Exclusive Episode #033: Jenny Holzer and poet Henri Cole with various Redaction Paintings in her studio in Hoosick Falls, New York, and BIG HANDS YELLOW WHITE (2006) installed at Cheim & Read, New York. Whether questioning consumerist impulses, coldly describing torture, or lamenting death and disease, Jenny Holzer's use of language provokes a critical response in the viewer. While her subversive work often blends in among advertisements in public space, its arresting content violates expectations. Holzer's texts have appeared on posters, as electronic L.E.D. signs, and as projections of xenon light. Learn more about Jenny Holzer: VIDEO | Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Camera: Mead Hunt & Joel Shapiro. Sound: Roger Phenix. Editor: Lizzie Donahue. Artwork courtesy: Jenny Holzer. Thanks: Henri Cole and Cheim & Read, New York.


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