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Exclusive Episode #011: Josiah McElheny discusses his installation "The Alpine Cathedral and the City-Crown" (2007) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Josiah McElheny creates finely crafted, handmade glass objects that he combines with photographs, text, and museological displays to evoke notions of meaning and memory. McElheny's work takes as its subject the history of Modernism and the impact it has made on society, aesthetics, and contemporary thought. Josiah McElheny is featured in the Season 3 (2005) episode Memory of the Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century television series on PBS. Learn more about Josiah McElheny: VIDEO | Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Camera & Sound: Nick Ravich. Editor: Jennifer Chiurco. Artwork courtesy: Josiah McElheny. Thanks: The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


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