Boijmans TV Season 2 (9 of 13)
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To his amazement, Arie finds a sheep behind the desk of Mandy’s box-office. He takes it to designer Christien Meindertsma, for she’s got something with sheep. She had a series of 25 sweaters made; each sweater used the wool of exactly one sheep. And it turned out that the better the life of the sheep, the prettier the sweater. ‘Oh’, says Arie, ‘so you have good sheep and less good sheep?’

In the meantime, Bregje welcomes a group of German Shepherds with their owners. The dogs lick their lips at the game shown on the 17th-century still-lifes in the museum. Mandy shows her love for animals. Marco wants to come into the museum with his dog, something that is normally not permitted, but this time she turns a blind eye to it. Then she goes off to look for her sheep. A mysterious duck also pays a visit to the museum, in search of relatives.

The dogs seem to feel completely at home in the ‘Double Steel Cage’ of artist Bruce Nauman. Nauman wanted to induce an oppressive feeling in the visitor, Bregje explains to her group. The animals are not bothered by that at all, but apparently their owners are. But is this art? ‘This has just as much to do with art as the kennel in my garden’, concludes one of the dog owners.


Boijmans TV is a collaborative project of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, RTV Rijnmond and Ro Theater, developed with support from the VSBfonds and the Mediafonds. The series is produced by the Rotterdam production office Popov Film.


Sander Burger (final editing)
Kuba Szutkowski (producer)
Dragan Bakema (creative producer)
Edgar Kapp (production manager)
Jetse Batelaan (director of tours)
Wilfried de Jong (concept and interviews)
Els Hoek (research and editing)
And many others.


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