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As a designer Marcel Wanders came of age in the nineties, making conceptual designs for amongst others, Droog. Since that time Wanders has expanded his practice to become a worldwide, commercial success with his design label Moooi that contains designs by Wanders himself as well as works by other designers. Every year Wanders presents the newest designs to an international audience during the design week in Milan.

The headquarters of Moooi are located in Breda. Moooi's collection comprises a diverse and playful mix of lighting, furniture and interior accessories.



Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering
Producer: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Research: Liselot Francken
Director: Lieza Röben, Alexander Oey
Camera: Aage Hollander
Sound: Eric Leek, Benny Jansen
Editor: Pepijn Klijs
Colour Correction: Maurik de Ridder
Music/Sound Design: Pastelle Music

Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix submarine.nl

Commissioned by DutchDFA dutchdfa.com


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