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For more than twenty years now, New York-based artists Liam Gillick (°1964) and Lawrence Weiner (°1942), who each represent different aspects of the conceptual, post-conceptual and neo-conceptual traditions in art, have engaged in an intense intellectual and artistic dialogue. In one of a number of conversations between both artists that has been published over the years, they noted how this dialogue has so far 'failed' to produce concretely artistic. This casual observation on an apparently long history of unrealized projects prompted M HKA to invite both artists to develop a project together in which their dialogue would finally be allowed to acquire material form. Their commitment to exploring the many meanings and possibilities of the dialogical model in art is expressed in the exemplary title of the project, "A Syntax of Dependency:".

A M HKA production for ARTtube. Watch more ARTtube video's by M HKA.

Thanks to Liam Gillick, Lawrence Weiner, Dieter Roelstraete and Joris Mertens.

Interview: Gerrie Soetaert
Coordination: Sophie Gregoir and Katleen Schueremans
Final edit: Ghislaine Peeters and Jos Van den Bergh
Photos: Kristien Daem
Time lapse: Bram Godts
Camera/edit: Mario De Munck
Music: Kevin MacLeod / Incompetech

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