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It is often thought that modern art and particularly contemporary art is difficult and only understood by experts. But that isn’t true. Or rather, it is exactly outside that small circle of ‘the initiated’ that you find people whose lives have been changed since they got to know art. They quench their thirst for art not only in their private lives but also in their work with all the beautiful, exceptional, elusive and intense images that are shown in the museum. A theatre maker studies drama in the photos of Jeff Wall; a choreographer is inspired by the disfigurements in the paintings of Francis Bacon; the owner of a transport company becomes fascinated with the fate of the constructions he ships.

This is the first episode of the new ARTtube series ‘We Live Art’ that is produced jointly by the partners. In this episode, Dom Bernardus, abbot of the Cistercian Monastery in Berkel-Enschot, explains how he discovered that contemporary art in Museum De Pont offered the possibility of communicating about matters for which there are no words. Bernardus sees a relationship between the monk and the artist, for both aim to help people meet each other on a spiritual level. The abbot organised an exhibition in his abbey and with it gave his own calling a new dimension. In addition, he is, together with brother Isaac, a faithful visitor to Museum De Pont.


Direction: Els Hoek
Camera: Ruben van de Broeke
Editing: Caroline Hoeberechts
Mix: Henk-Jelle de Groot
Grading: Laurent Fluttert
Music: Wessel Maas
Photos: Peter Cox, Marc Mulders, Studio Tromp (Rotterdam)
Footage Prayer in Beauty: EO 2 Vandaag, 25 February 1995

Special thanks: Marie-José Eijkemans

This video is realized with support from Mondriaan Fund.


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