In conjunction with the exhibition Enter the Mandala: Cosmic Centers and Mental Maps of Himalayan Buddhism, the Asian Art Museum presents a newly commissioned performance by visual artist Saya Woolfalk called ChimaTEK: Hybridity Visualization Mandala. The performance is a collaboration with dancers Stephanie Bastos, Frances Cachapero, Tammy Johnson and Debby Kajiyama, along with DJ Dr. Sleep (Melissa Maristuen) and features an original track composed by Paul D. Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid).

The artist’s work encompasses sculpture, textiles, painting, video and performance art while drawing from anthropology, mythology and science fiction to explore notions of hybridity and utopia. Inspired by 14th-century thangka paintings and other visual meditative aids, Woolfalk will create a new work featuring the Empathics, a fictional group of women who blend racial and ethnic identities as they gradually morph from animal to plant. The Empathics embark on a new venture known as ChimaTEK, transforming their technologies into products for mass-market consumption. ChimaTEK: Hybridity Visualization Mandala enables users who inhabit the mandala the ability to achieve a chimeric or hybridized state of being.


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