Boijmans TV (3 of 9)
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In episode 3 of Boijmans TV, pupils of the Rotterdam Pole Dance Academy consider Ewoud van Rijn ‘naughty’, because in his imagination he regularly has a conversation with the Muses, the daughters of Venus. Security guard Arie has his reservations about the nude shackled women in Van Rijn’s work, but at the same time is very interested in his background as cartoonist. When museum guide Bregje confronts the pole dancers with the famous painting Reproduction prohibited by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte, the ladies would really like to liberate the man in the portrait, who stands with his back to the viewer and is also seen from the back in the mirror. They want to know who he is and then he should see how beautiful the world really is. Ab, from the technical department, once again loses himself in the art. He is happy when he finds himself again.


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