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The Dave Project celebrates the legacy of Dave the Potter, a slave potter and poet from Edgefield, South Carolina. Dave is best known for inscribing couplets onto his pots. The Dave Project took Dave's story on the road. In collaboration with Chicago poet, Orron Kenyetta, clay expert Jeremy Stepien, and the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Chipstone Foundation developed a 2-hour program that was brought to different communities around the city. The Dave Project explored the meaning of Dave's poetry, short couplets composed of around 15 words, ultimately asking of its participants: If you had 15 words that would last forever, what would you say? The Project has now been extended into the classroom as part of a curriculum guide, based on doc|UWM’s video (seen here) on Orron Kenyetta’s Dave-centered teaching experiences in Milwaukee Public Schools. To see and/or download the Dave Project curriculum, visit .


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