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For their final project Object Lab 6.0 students Sophie Swanson, Chloe Rettinger, Arielle Younger, Naimonu James, Selva Aparicio, Mara Champagne, Jordan Karlis, Allison O’Keefe, and Isaac Dayno were divided into three groups of three, and each group assigned a room in Chipstone's Museum of Rooms. Each group worked with a mentor: Museum of Arts & Design director Glenn Adamson, Yale University professor Ned Cooke, and Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Peter Kenney.  The students were tasked with working with their mentor to analyze and name their room, then select objects from Chipstone's collection that could be interpreted in a new interesting way when placed in this particular context. This film, created by Jenny Plevin, documents the resulting creative and informative installations. 


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