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View more of Jill Giegerich's work in Collections Online

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See more of Giegerich's artwork, like Soma II, 1990, printed on rubberized cork, in LACMA's Collections Online.

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John Baldessari
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John Baldessari

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Jill Giegerich
Learn more about one of Jill Giegerich's past exhibitions

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View more of Jill Giegerich's work in Collections Online
See more of Giegerich's artwork, like Soma II, 1990, printed on rubberized cork, in LACMA's Collections Online.

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The Cirrus Gallery
View this webpage about the place where it all started.

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Interested in Downtown LA's current art scene?
The Downtown Art Walk is a self-guided tour that showcases the many art exhibition venues in downtown Los Angeles — commercial art galleries, museums, and non-profit arts venues. It takes place the second Thursday of every month.
Photo by Ed Fuentes

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Want more of the Cirrus Artists?
View prints from all of the Cirrus artists in LACMA's Collections Online
Studio, John Baldessari, 1988 Print, Lithograph and silkscreen on Sommerset paper LACMA

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Tracing the development of Cirrus from its inception in 1970 to the 1990's, the video features many of the artists that worked at Cirrus over the years, including Lita Albuquerque, John Giegerich, Gronk, Lari Pittman, Edward Ruscha, and others. Commentary by master printer Francesco Siqueiros and Cirrus founder Jean Milant offers additional insight into this seminal Los Angeles art institution.

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I just used up more than the thirty-four plus minutes of my precious time for this little visual documentary. The extra time I took were for a few breaks. I would just rewind back to the last place I saw visually and continued. It was a pleasure to see the interior of the workshop and voices of the artist.
If you would like a rating: I would give it a ten of ten being the best.

Ed Ruscha also has some great intaglio prints at Crown Point Press in SF. I highly recommend checking them out. Here's a cool clip of him talking about making prints:

I wonder if i can convince Cirrus to give me a tour of the shop when I'm in LA later this month?

printing with caviar and pepto bismol for the hollywood skyline!! that is genius!

great video about printmakers at cirrus in LA......have you been to this brand new art site???

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