Jane and Louise Wilson's video installations often inhabit the decaying sites of twentieth century institutions. Unfolding the Aryan Papers (2009) is a special project commissioned by Animate Projects and the British Film Institute (BFI), presented within the exhibition Stanley Kubrick, on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art through June 30, 2013. Unfolding the Aryan Papers is an artistic consideration of Kubrick's process and, in particular, Kubrick's unfinished project, The Aryan Papers. On site at the Kubrick archive the Wilson sisters gravitated to the history of Kubrick's film, which was to be based on a World War II novel Wartime Lies, by Louis Begley, set in the Warsaw ghetto. Unfolding the Aryan Papers reveals a connection between the Wilson sisters observational practice and that of Stanley Kubrick, and reflects the legendary filmmaker's longstanding influence on contemporary art. For more information, visit lacma.org/kubrick.


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