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Sol LeWitt, Circle with Towers, 2005/2012
Concrete block
168 x 308 inches diameter

Speedway entrance to The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex & Dell Computer Science Hall

The project was carried out by Rudd & Adams Masonry, Inc. under the supervision of Austin Commercial, contractors, and The Sol LeWitt Estate's Principal Oversight of Sol LeWitt Structures, Jeremy Ziemann. 

The following people worked on the installation: John P. Adame, Christopher J. Alejos, Rico Epifanio Aruizo, Jesse Carbajal, Rico Aruizo Epifanio, Gustavo L. Gaytan, Isacc Hernandez, Alfredo Martinez, Oscar Martinez, Reymundo Medina, Robert Montalvo, Carl Bermudes Pacheco, Gerardo Sanoteli, Albert A. Suniga, Kenneth O. Tarter Jr., Arthur Trujillo, Francis Munoz Vazquez

Purchase, The University of Texas at Austin, 2011
Video by Mark Menjivar


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