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"The story of a piece of marble - the story of a stone - taken off the mountain, rolled down, brought onto the boat and then transformed from nature into culture by human actions." Video artist Adrian Paci introduces his wondrous work 'The Column'.

Artist Adrian Paci (b.1969) escaped violent riots in Albania in 1997 and took refuge with his family, in Italy. The fact of being at a crossroads, at the frontier of two separate identities, underlies all his work on film.

In this video Paci introduces us to his 2013 film 'The Column'. The column is an art piece produced on a boat trip between East and West: It is "the story of a piece of marble, the story of a stone, taken off the mountain" he says. This piece of marble is "rolled down, brought onto the boat and then transformed by human actions" he explains. But, he adds, the film is also a story of faces, bodies, human presence and human actions. Nature is detached and transformed, turned into culture.

While a column traditionally symbolizes temples and power, Paci chooses to always have it lying down, and thus it also becomes a sign of impotence. As it is made in China, also a question of authenticity, he says.

Importantly, the trip continues - it is a process of becoming, demonstrated by tools moving.

Adrian Paci was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner at Jeu de Paume, Paris

Camera: Germain Ferey

Edited by Kamilla Bruus

Produced by Marc-Christoph Wagner, 2013

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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