Period & Style

Dror Benshitrit's Vase of Phases was a ideal candidate for inclusion in the exhibition Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics. Starting with the traditional technique of slip casting, Dror was able to create a rather surprising ceramic vase that appears to come pre-shattered. Through a partnership with the porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal, he was able to turn the few individual pieces he constructed in his studio into a line of products widely available for purchase. Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics is devoted to creative collaborations between contemporary designers and some of the world's oldest porcelain manfucturers. The exhibition is an international survey of how more than 50 artists and industrial designers are reviving an interest in and re-imagining the possibilities of this ancient medium in the 21st century. Unique collaborations between artists and long-established manufacturers are explored, like the pairing of Ted Muehling with Nymphemburg Porcelain and Patricia Urquiloa with Rosenthal AG. Both and functional and conceptual works are highlighted, along with important technological advances in ceramic material that allow for its use in electronic appliances, cutting implements, and other surprising products.


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