Explanatory video about the new hanging of the Collection in the Museum's main floor. Based in a new exhibition criteria, the Central Gallery now functions as the principal axis, with Titian and Velázquez as the leading painters, and Room 12, dedicated to Las Meninas and the royal portraits by Velázquez, space that connects with those other rooms devoted to the artist, and is preceded – in longitudinal and transversal arrangement – by the rooms with the works by El Greco, Ribera and Zurbarán, continuing with Murillo's Room. Comments by: Gabriele Finaldi, Deputy Director of Conservation and Research Miguel Falomir, Head of Department of Italian Renaissance Painting Leticia Ruiz, Head of Department of Spanish Painting (16th and first quarter 17th century Painting) Javier Portús, Chief Curator of Spanish Painting until 1700 Alejandro Vergara, Chief Curator of Flemish Painting and Northern Painting


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