Bari Kumar was born in 1966 in Nellore, India and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. His work of art, Blind Faith was created in 2009 as a commission by the San Jose Museum of Art. Of the piece he stated in an interview: "The image has a reference to the virgin Mary from the western world, but with the addition of the bindi on her forehead, instantly becomes an Indian figure. The blindfold works again to draw the attention to the cloth as well as the aspect of being unseen." "There is a character in the Indian epic, Mahabharata called Gandhari. Her husband who is the king was blind, so she takes it upon herself to wear the blindfold so as to not see the world that her husband can not see." During the creation of Blind Faith Kumar kept a video diary explaining the process that he went through to construct the piece. The San Jose Museum of Art edited the video into this segment. Blind Faith, 2009 Cotton, cardboard, and Plexiglas


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