In this video, artist Jessica Stockholder and Tang Malloy Curator Ian Berry discuss their experiences co-curating The Jewel Thief. The Jewel Thief featured painting, sculpture, textiles, wallpaper, chandeliers, video, and photography by over fifty contemporary artists to explore new ways to think about and experience abstract art. Using divergent forms of display, the exhibition focused attention on art’s intersection with the decorative and functional elements of architecture. Artwork was presented through the lens of several opposing yet fluid categories that exist in our daily lives, such as private and public, intimate and spectacular, and hot and cold. Discarding the notion that abstract works are devoid of content, The Jewel Thief maintained that beauty and pleasure in artworks are full of meaning. CREDITS | Producer/Camera/Editor: Vickie Riley. Interview: Ian Berry. ©The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College, 2010


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