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Episode #169: Filmed in 2010 at 601Artspace in New York and Parasol Unit in London, Tabaimo discusses her animated video installation "dolefullhouse" (2007). The Japanese artist did not begin working on the artwork with a preconceived idea but rather started by adding disparate elements to the animation that then formed meaning through their interactions. Tabaimo asks that viewers do not seek to understand her intentions behind "dolefullhouse" but instead create their own interpretations.

Tabaimo's drawings and video installations probe unsettling themes of isolation, contagion, and instability lurking beneath daily existence in contemporary Japan. Tabaimo draws aesthetic inspiration for her animated videos from a combination of Japanese art forms, including ukiyoe woodcuts, manga, and anime. Her surrealistic narratives are populated with uncanny characters that, either through mutation or as victims of inexplicable violence, become fragmented in their relationships to the environment and their own identity. 
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CREDITS: Producer: Ian Forster. Consulting Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Interview: Susan Sollins. Camera: Craig Feldman & Yasushi Kishimoto. Editor: Morgan Riles & Mark Sutton. Translation: Hitomi Iwasaki, Justin Jesty, Reiko Tomii. Voiceover: Jennifer Weiser. Artwork Courtesy: Tabaimo & 601Artspace. Special Thanks: James Cohan Gallery. Theme Music: Peter Foley.


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