Boijmans TV Season 2 (3 of 13)
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What sets the value of art?

In episode 1 of Boijmans TV 2013, a group of economics students and guide Bregje van der Laar take a closer look at this important question. The discussion is triggered by Jeff Koons’ enormous Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta), which was purchased in 2011 by a private collector for 6.2 million dollars. Does the value depend directly on the fame of the artist? Is it proportional to the beauty of the subject depicted? Does the concept of supply and demand apply or does it simply come down to ‘whatever you can get for it’?

As the students fantasise with graphs and profitability models that give insight into the true worth of art, security guard Arie interrogates the artist Dadara. Dadara is also a bank manager and issues his own money, in wonderful notes of zero, million and infinity. But not everybody believes they have any value. Why do people believe that the Euro has any value?

The artistic couple in the espresso bar, enjoying a cup of coffee amidst old and new media, also has an unusual attitude towards money. Pay?

And cashier Mandy isn’t happy. The Dutch winter is making her pale and lifeless. Until Museum Director Sjarel Ex cheers her up with his remark that she is ‘the museum’s human face.’


Boijmans TV is a collaboration of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, RTV Rijnmond and Ro Theater, developed with the support of VSBfonds and the Mediafonds. The series was produced by the Rotterdam-based production house Popov Film.

The Boijmans TV team:

Sander Burger (final editor) 
Kuba Szutkowski (producer)
Dragan Bakema (creative producer)
Edgar Kapp (production leader)
Jetse Batelaan (director of guided tours)
Wilfried de Jong (concept and interviews)
Els Hoek (research and direction)
And many others.


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