Boijmans TV Season 2 (4 of 13)
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For the famous artist Piet Mondrian, a painting from 1929 entitled Composition nr. II was not a window to the world, but a gateway to a higher form of being. Tour-guide Bregje tries to explain this in episode 2 of Boijmans TV 2013 to a group that visually constantly doubles itself. The group is made up of identical twins and they form an eager audience. They know from personal experience how a small difference - a slightly different colour, a line that stops just before or just over the edge - can mean a lot.

Arie and Mandy mirror each other in their delight at a present from the director: the new collection book. But what should they make of all those clouds, graphs, tables and drawings? Arie asks Joost Grootens, the designer of this extraordinary book, for some explanation.

And although the number of people who visited the museum in 2012 wasn’t at all bad, there are still too many people who just walk by. That is why Boijmans museum has engaged an employee to convince passers-by to visit the museum. This ‘bouncer’ makes no distinction and thinks that, in certain situations, violence is justified. He undertakes his job with total commitment.


Boijmans TV is a collaboration of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, RTV Rijnmond and Ro Theater, developed with the support of VSBfonds and the Mediafonds. The series was produced by the Rotterdam-based production house Popov Film.

The Boijmans TV team:

ander Burger (final editor) 
Kuba Szutkowski (producer)
Dragan Bakema (creative producer)
Edgar Kapp (production leader)
Jetse Batelaan (director of guided tours)
Wilfried de Jong (concept and interviews)
Els Hoek (research and direction) And many others.


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