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In her short career as a fashion designer, Iris van Herpen has already won numerous awards, and her collections have been enthusiastically received by the international fashion press.

What makes her work pop when she presents her creations during fashion weeks in New York, Paris and London, is the sculptural allure of her designs. Van Herpen achieves these strong silhouettes by rejuvenating traditional crafts and applying innovative and unusual materials. In this way, Van Herpen produces designs that reinvent form.

The process of making, of doing research, of expanding the professional know-how of the fashion discipline is one of the major goals of this talented designer.

Recently, Van Herpen collaborated with choreographer Nanine Linning to make the costumes for the opera Madame Butterfly. This German production sees Lanning integrate dance with the storyline, presenting Van Herpen with the challenge of combining movement with form.



Commissioning editor Submarine: Geert van de Wetering
Producer: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Research Assistant: Liselot Francken
Director: Kathelijne Schrama
Camera: Pierre Rezus
Sound: Martijn van Halen
Editor: Tim van der Maden
Colour Correction: Maurik de Ridder
Music/Sound Design: Pastelle Music

Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix submarine.nl

Commissioned by DutchDFA dutchdfa.com


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