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Mark Wallinger and museum director Hendrik Driessen, arranging the exhibition MARK in 2011 at Museum De Pont.

The work of the British artist Mark Wallinger (1959) is very diverse. Though trained as a painter, he also employs the media of photography, video, performance, sculpture and installations. In addition to this, language plays a significant role. In his work Wallinger raises social, political and religious issues, often with remarkable lightness. With the much-discussed State Britain, he won the Turner Prize in 2007. Measuring forty-three meters in length, this work comprised the core of his exhibition at De Pont, named MARK.

Where his own name is concerned, Wallinger manages to make optimal use of its ambiguity, as in the video Mark and in the intriguing installation According to Mark. Wallinger often makes use of existing material. In this film he is arranging a series of self portraits, consisting of typefaces such as Arial and Lucida Console. A more inclusive and, at the same time, compact form of portrayal can scarcely be imagined. The depictions of the fifteen Self-Portraits in black-and-white consist of no more than a capital 'I', each painted in a different typeface.

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Camera, edit, director: Zeus Hoenderop 2011

Many thanks to: Mark Wallinger / Hendrik Driessen and the peer-to-peer guides Naomi van Dijck /Bram Walter.

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