Boijmans TV (9 of 9)
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A thorough clean out before a new start. That is the philosophy of the hard core of Antistrot. That's why, in episode 10 of Boijmans TV, the remaining artists of this Rotterdam art collective attack their organ - a tender symbol for a fast and magnificent past - with axe, machete and chain saw. Security guard Arie, looking for his colleague Mandy, doesn't understand this urge for destruction. Such a performance may be art, but it doesn't attract as many people as the old paintings by Kees van Dongen. But, as Bregje tells a group of art-loving ladies she is guiding through the retrospective of this Frenchman from Delfshaven, even Kees van Dongen sometimes cut a painting into pieces. His philosophy? Six paintings earn more than one painting. And where is Mandy? When she finally appears behind the reception desk - far too late! - Arie has long returned to his post. Then, among all those thousands of people buying tickets for 'The large eyes of Kees van Dongen', Mandy meets another man who touches her heart. It is Marco, Jordi's father. Undoubtedly he'll be looking at art a lot more in the future.


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