Boijmans TV (7 of 9)
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In episode 8 of Boijmans TV, security guard Arie must clearly get used to the make-up that Mandy wears in her new job behind the reception. Could she perhaps wear a little less? And Arie also doesn't understand why restorer Gwendolyn Boeve-Jones has been so occupied for months on end with the paintings of the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí. What if she makes a mistake... No, of course Mandy should be in the information room and Dalí's work should be hanging in the gallery and protected. Then Bregje would have been able to show it to the group of addicts that she guides this time through the museum. The addicts now go through the hatch in the installation of Lutz & Guggisberg and come out, through necessity, at the Fall of Ixion by Cornelis van Haarlem. And this painting is, after restoration, just a little bit barer than it was before. In the meantime, the social skills of Mandy (without make-up!) are put to the test by an unfortunate artist. Well, who wouldn't like to hang in Boijmans?


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