The Tool at Hand (8 of 16)
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In the Spring of 2011 the Chipstone Foundation and the Milwaukee Art Museum invited sixteen established artists from Britain and America to participate in an unusual experiment. Each artist was asked to lay aside his or her standard tool kit and craft a work of art with one tool alone. The challenge presented to the artists sounds simple: create a work of art with one tool. The material and tool were left open-ended with the purpose of encouraging creativity within the one-tool constraint. The Tool at Hand brings together these artworks, the tools that crafted them and short, explanatory videos produced by each artist. The exhibition takes place at the Milwaukee Art Museum from December 8, 2011 through April 1, 2012. In this video, David Gates discusses his decision to use one piece of wood and a contractor's disposable saw as his medium and tool. Gates demonstrates the process of creating his work for The Tool at Hand titled Saw, Slice, Split, Scrape, Shave.


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